CPSO’s Solidarity Statement with Trans Youth and Anti-Fascists

On Friday, September 22, a broad coalition of anti-fascists, LGBTQ+ activists, and labour unions confronted an anti-trans rally in front of Victoria Park Collegiate in Scarborough, Ontario. The rally was organized by “Save Canada,” a group of fascist youths led by Nick and Josh Alexander, as well as a transphobic influencer “Billboard” Chris. The organizers were promoting a reactionary political line based on a conspiracist lie that children become transgender because schools, and by extension education workers, are indoctrinating them.  

While the counter-protestors were successful in preventing the fascists from accessing the school building, a large presence of riot cops protected the reactionaries from the anti-fascists by force.  This led to the violent arrest of one trade union activist. Unlike Nick Alexander, who was also arrested but released without charge, the activist is facing assault charges and hefty legal fees. A group of sympathetic workers started to raise funds for the criminalized comrade on GoFundMe and had collected over two thousands dollars in less than a day. However, a network of fascists quickly mobilized a smear campaign online to shut down the fundraiser, labeling the comrade and his supporters as “Antifa Terrorists.” GoFundMe caved in to their pressure, canceled the campaign, and forced the refund of raised funds.

Canada-Philippines Solidarity Organization resolutely opposes the rising tide of transphobia and anti-LGBTQ+ backlash, led not only by the “grassroots” fascists, but also by mainstream politicians such as Premier Doug Ford and Education Minister Steven Lecce and funded by large capital. We recognize that the event on Friday was not an isolated incident, but is part of the broad trend of the normalization of fascism and transphobia across the globe. We also recognize that supporting the right of trans and non-binary youth to defend themselves is paramount to our work as an organization in solidarity with the National Democratic Movement in the Philippines, which contains countless LGBTQ+ activists fighting for their own liberation from the shackles of patriarchal semi-feudalism and semi-colonialism. 

Here in the supposedly “democratic” belly of the imperialist beast, trans rights are increasingly under attack from the most reactionary segment of the imperialist bourgeoisie who are vying for hegemony against their liberal counterparts by mobilizing the petty bourgeoisie against gender oppressed people, as well the colonized people and the proletariat of all gender identities. They rely on pseudo-scientific, conspiracist mythology to divide the working class and turn class struggle into “culture war.” 

As dialectical materialists, we recognize that the struggle against imperialism and capitalism is inseparable from the Queer, Trans, and Non-Binary liberation, and that no genuine revolution is possible without them. We reject the patronization and infantilization of youth as incapable of claiming their own gender identities and possessing any collective political agency. It is no coincidence that the reactionaries in the Philippines rely on this anti-youth trope to counter the revolutionary movement by claiming that the CPP-NPA is “brainwashing” or even “kidnapping” children to become activists. 

We condemn the arrest and criminalization of the trade union activist by Toronto Police, as well as GoFundMe’s censorship of the fundraising campaign. As the recent standing ovation for a former Nazi SS officer in the Canadian parliament highlighted both the Canadian state and giant tech companies are deeply complicit in the rise of fascism by suppressing anti-fascists at home, while providing weapons, military training, financial assistance to neo-Nazis in Ukraine and other reactionary regimes across the globe including the Marcos regime in the Philippines. We also recognize the parallels between the labeling of anti-fascists in Canada and US as “terrorists” and red-tagging of legal mass activists in the Philippines, as well as the deliberate mischaracterization of the revolutionary movement as “terrorist.” All of these actions are approved and supported by the very same imperialist states that also criminalize anti-fascists within their borders. 

In the spirit of proletarian internationalism, we stand in solidarity with all who oppose transphobia and fight back against fascism. 

Trans youth fight back!

Queer youth fight back!

Anti-fascism is not a crime!

Long live international solidarity! 

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