Follow the Footsteps of Bonifacio!

Today we commemorate the birth of Andres Bonifacio – revolutionary and founder of the Katipunan, the militant group that won sovereignty for the Filipino people from the Spanish colonialists after centuries of anti-colonial struggle. His legacy lives on today through the fight for a truly independent and democratic Philippines.

This year, we celebrate Bonifacio Day in a Philippines under the despotic rule of Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the son of dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr, who had plunged the country into darkness under martial law under the First Quarter Storm in the 1970s. Kidnappings, torture and secret policing were rampant under the first Marcos until he was ousted by the People Power Revolution. Now, with Marcos Jr. in power, we see the rise of the same tactics being employed in the guise of “peacekeeping” and “anti-terrorism.” From the censorship of journalists to the military lockdown in Himamaylan, Marcos follows the footsteps of his fathers in his draconian measures. We must follow in the footsteps of Andres Bonifacio in the the struggle against violent state repression.

Today, the Philippines, despite the victories of the Katipunan, continues to be the subject of imperialism, colonialism and capitalist exploitation, kept in a state of poverty and semi-feudalism as a neo-colony of the United States. The Philippines is rich, but its people are poor. It is kept poor for the profits of the landowners. It is kept poor for the profits for the American imperialists. It is kept poor for the profits for the compradors.

We must continue the fight that Bonifacio started – one for national liberation and democracy. There is a revolution of a new type — a national democratic movement including mass organizations Anakbayan, Gabriela, and Migrante under the BAYAN alliance. CPSO-Toronto supports the Filipino people in their fight for a truly independent nation. There is a new world waiting to be born, if we are willing to fight for it.

It is right to rebel! Long live the people’s struggle!

Imperialismo ibagsak! Piyudalismo ibagsak! Burukrata kapitalismo ibagsak!

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