ICHRP – International Observer Mission

This year, the International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines initiated the Philippine Election 2022 International Observer Mission in anticipation of increasing violence, human rights violations, and state repression regarding the election. Given our support of the Filipino people’s struggle for a fair and independent democracy, CPSO sent two of our own members overseas as part of this mission to investigate the material conditions of communities in the Philippines and the effects of the election. As a result, ICHRP has published an interim report detailing their findings.

There is no surprise that the elections has been undermined by voter manipulation, tampering and misinformation given Duterte’s track record for political intimidation, repression of opposition and use of red-tagging through government agencies. Marcos Jr. similarly lives up to his father’s reputation, using disinformation campaigns through both traditional and social media as well as the lack of Philippine history in K-12 education to rehabilitate the image of his family’s bloody history.

Overseas Filipinos are increasingly disenfranchised by the Government of the Republic of the Philippines, facing widespread voter suppression via insufficient number and delays of voter counting machines, lack of mail-in ballots, and polling locations closing on the first day of voting. Overseas Filipino workers are often not given days off to vote, and the government refuses to extend the voting period, leading to votes from less than 5% of eligible overseas voters.

CPSO-Toronto stands with the Filipino people in their fight for a democracy for the people, not the imperialists nor their collaborators. We remember the crimes of both the Duterte and Marcos families and the horrors of martial law, and we strongly condemn their underhanded actions in the election.


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