IWWD 2024

March 8th marks International Working Women’s Day (IWWD), first designated by the Socialist Party of America in the early 1900s to commemorate women’s struggle for equality and liberation. On this IWWD, CPSO stands in solidarity with Filipino working women, both in the Philippines and abroad, in recognition of the reality that capitalism and the neoliberal cooptation of feminism will never lead to genuine freedom.

Many Filipino migrants in Canada work precariously under the labour export policy, bolstering the Philippine economy with their remittances, but labouring with little guarantee of safe working conditions, rights, and citizenship. And in the Philippines, the struggles of the masses under the heel of semi-colonial, semi-feudal exploitation are only compounded by gendered oppression. 

CPSO’s Committee Against Gendered Exploitation (CAGE) has recently launched a campaign calling for the release of Amanda Echanis, a peasant organizer in the Philippines wrongly imprisoned in 2020 on trumped-up charges with her then one-month-old son, Randall. Amanda is only one of the thousands of peasants and activists arrested, imprisoned, or murdered by the Filipino government under false pretences. Isolated from their families and communities, denied adequate health care, and exposed to sexual violence, women prisoners face the exacerbated carceral violence of misogyny.

CPSO’s solidarity work commits us to the collective struggle for national democracy that will beat a path toward a genuine liberation from all forms of exploitation, including gendered oppression. Internationally, women are at the forefront of organizing for national democracy, and all gender-oppressed peoples from Turtle Island to the Philippines must unite against the patriarchal, imperialist hegemony.

Long live the working women of the world!

Long live international solidarity!

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