Justice for the Victims of Oplan Sauron

On March 30th, 2019, the Duterte regime launched one of its most violent and notorious attacks against the peasants of the Philippines. Under the guise of fighting lawlessness Duterte ordered the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) along with the Philippine National Police, to launch Oplan Sauron, part of the SEMPO program (Synchronized Enhanced Managing of Police Operations) began under MO32 which effectively has placed Negros Occidental under martial law. This was despite their own statistics showing crime had decreased by as much as 40%.

The true purpose of the campaign was demonstrated immediately as 14 peasant and peasant activists were murdered by state forces on the first day of the operation alone. Even Duterte and his cronies sought to distance themselves from the brutal violence they had unleashed by releasing 4 of the police chiefs leading the operations.

Showing their true nature through their actions the Duterte government continued and even increased the use of violence against the peasants. Around 100 people have been murdered by state forces on Negros Island and there are currently 141 political prisonsers being held as well. These prisoners, The Negros Island Political Prisoners (NIPP) are holding a 24hr fast to call for justice, not just for themselves but for all the victims of extra judicial killings under the Duterte regime and to highlight the continuing violence committed by the regime of Marcos Jr. against the people of Negros Island and the Philippines.

Indeed, Marcos Jr. regimes call for the ICC to end their investigation into killings committed by the Duterte regime show clearly their alliance with the large landowners and the foreign capitalists who benefit the most from the exploitation of the peasants.

CPSO stands with the people of the Philippines in calling for justice for these victims, an end to the state violence against the peasants and for the implementation of the genuine land reform the peasants have been promised but denied by each successive government in favour of the large semi feudal landlords.

#stopthekillingsinthePhilippines #genuineagrarianreform #junkMO32

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