Many Struggles, One Fight!

Congratulations to the International Women’s Alliance in holding a fruitful Canada wide assembly!

On October 14th to 16th, CPSO joined other grassroots organizations from all over the country to attend the International Women’s Alliance’s Canada wide assembly, focused on the theme of “Many Struggles, One Fight / Women: Defenders of Life & Land.” The International Women’s Alliance was founded in Montreal in 2010, the centennial year of International Working Women’s Day, after the 3rd International Conference of the International League of People’s Struggle after the Women’s Commission resolved to hold a conference focusing on the plight of women under capitalism and imperialism. Today, IWA has over 150 member organizations across the world. Twelve years later, the IWA congress has returned to Montreal to strengthen the broad democratic, anti-imperialist, progressive women’s movement in Canada.

Delegates attended workshops on the effects of militarism, extractivism, neoliberalism and capitalism on working women all over the world. Women in the global south are often forced into unsafe working conditions in industries like textiles, electronics manufacturing and agriculture, or displaced by the effects of war and subject to sexual violence as a means of terrorizing the population by the US imperialist military complex and its allies.

At the end of the conference, the assembly reviewed the IWA Basis of Unity and heard about IWA’s global campaigns; to say no to economic plunder, and to say no to war & militarization. The assembly also decided on the IWA Canada’s regional representatives, including Toast Wong from CPSO!

We echo the calls of the International Women’s Alliance:

Stop the US War Machine! Safe working conditions for women! End forced migration of women!

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