CPSO Congratulates the NDFP on 51 Years!

CPSO congratulates the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) on the occasion of its 51st Anniversary!

The NDFP was formally established 51 years ago on April 24th 1973 after two years of preparation bringing together the various underground revolutionary mass organizations working for the people’s interests under the Marcos dictatorship. 

The NDFP serves as a united front across the sectors of organizing in the Philippines, from the Indigenous peoples to health and science workers; the NDFP has over 16 Mass Organizations (MO’s) under its banner. 

The NDFP’s 12-point program acts as a rallying point in the fight for an independent, democratic, just, and progressive future. They seek to promote the unity, cooperation and coordination of all patriotic and progressive classes, sectors and forces in order to fight for national liberation and democracy and overthrow the oppressive and exploitative ruling system.

Canada Philippines Solidarity Organization recognizes the legitimacy of the NDFP as a co-belligerent in an ongoing civil war as it adheres to the rules of war and the regulations outlined in CARHRIHL. We join a multitude of mass organizations under the alliance the Friends of the Filipino People in Struggle (FFPS) calling for the delisting of the NDFP from terror listings, this listing is used to legitimize the extra-judicial killings of peace consultants and ramp up the persecution and harassment of peace advocates. 

Since 1992, the NDFP has been holding peace talks with the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) as a way to address the roots of the armed conflict. This has led to two agreements being signed between the two parties, including the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL). The peace talks are now set to resume as a new joint statement was signed on November 28th between the NDFP and GRP.

Also set to take place, from May 17 – 18, is an urgent International People’s Tribunal (IPT) which is jointly convened by the International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL) and FFPS with the purpose of an investigation and exposure of the war crimes and International Humanitarian Law (IHL) violations of the US-Marcos and US-Duterte regimes.

FFPS is soliciting donations to support lawyers and peace advocates travelling to Europe for the trial. Support the exposition of the US-Marcos-Duterte crimes! Donations can be send to cpso.toronto@gmail.com (please include in your transfer “IPT”)

The NDFP continues to unite the calls of the masses in the Philippines for National Democracy; we will continue to stand with the NDFP until the Filipino people are free!

Long Live the National Democratic Front!

Victory to the National Democratic Revolution!

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