Towards Justice and a Just Peace

Canada-Philippines Solidarity Organization (CPSO) extends its support to the witnesses, jurors, observers, and organizers who made possible the International People’s Tribunal convened in Brussels from May 17-18. The Tribunal’s findings demonstrate that the current Marcos and former Duterte governments in the Philippines, backed by the United States government, are guilty of war crimes against the Filipino people.

Witnesses, including victims and their families, shared harrowing experiences during the Tribunal proceedings. Their testimony confirmed widespread extrajudicial killings, civilian massacres, enforced disappearances, and indiscriminate bombings under the Duterte and Marcos Jr. administrations.

The IPT’s panel of jurors featured Joris Vercammen, Julen Arzuaga, Lennox Hinds, Séverine De Laveleye, and Sizanne Adely.

The Tribunal’s verdict emphasizes the complicity of the US in these crimes. It condemns the Philippine military’s disregard for Geneva Convention rules of war, citing its executions without trial of surrendered combatants. It serves as a reminder to the Philippine and US governments that the international community is watching and that perpetrators of human rights abuses will be held accountable.

Luis Jalandoni, Chief International Representative of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, states in a recent Spring Mag article that while the International Criminal Court and the International Court of Justice exist to uphold international law, we must remember that they are still partial to the interests of US imperialism. People’s tribunals, he explains, “offer a platform where revolutionary movements can reclaim their narratives, challenge the legitimacy of the ruling regime, and build international solidarity and support”.

Luis Jalandoni is the Chief International Representative of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) and Senior Advisor to the peace negotiations between the NDFP and the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP).

The Filipino people have a legal right to resist ongoing state terror, by means that include armed struggle. As a member of the coalition Friends of the Filipino People in Struggle, CPSO stands in solidarity with the struggle for national democracy in all its forms, whether in the people’s court or on the ground.

The International People’s Tribunal is collecting donations through allied organizations to reimburse the cost of travel for lawyers and peace advocates. If you can offer monetary support, please send e-transfers to with note ‘IPT’.

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