Who We Are

CPSO is composed of non-Filipinos and Filipinos in Canada who are committed to defending people’s rights and supporting the national democratic struggle in the Philippines. As a solidarity organization, we are committed to building a progressive social movement with other global networks, community-based organizations, and concerned individuals engaged in the process of building a more peaceful, just, and democratic world.

What We Do

CPSO works to provide political, educational, and material support for the mass movement in the Philippines. We educate people in Canada about the grave human rights situation in the Philippines. We believe that imperialism, feudalism, and bureaucrat capitalism are the three basic problems of the Filipino people which have resulted in the systematic state repression of their collective struggles for their right to self-determination, as well as their economic, social, and political rights.

Why Solidarity?

We believe those of us in Canada have a responsibility to act in solidarity with the Filipino struggle. We aim to expose the complicity of the Canadian capitalist state and its corporations in the oppression of the Filipino people by Duterte’s comprador regime. We also recognize Canada is a settler-colonial state built on the land of sovereign Indigenous nations who are actively struggling to reclaim their land. We at CPSO hope to help establish relationships between their anti-colonial struggle and the movement for national democracy in the Philippines.

We are committed to supporting the Filipino people in their search for justice, to bring forward their struggle to the rest of the world, and contribute to the realization of national democracy with a socialist perspective.